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Top 20 MarTech Companies in APAC - 2021

The pandemic has marked a watershed situation for businesses across the world. With digital transformation in full swing, businesses have chosen to be a part of it, knowing that it would help them better serve their customers. All organizations will eventually turn to digital marketing as a means of survival, making the title of a digital marketer one of the most in-demand positions. With the majority of marketers expecting continual budget cuts, marketers will be required to deliver high revenue and client acquisition. At this juncture, marketing technology (MarTech) is the key for such recoveries. However, MarTech adoption will likely focus on agility in the future, utilizing tech solutions that can affect strategy, insights, and engagement.

According to Gartner, only 33 percent of companies believe that their current technology is useful and over 80 percent have a short-sighted or obsolete MarTech roadmap. For many, the first order of business will be to review their current MarTech stack and make steps to maximize, improve, or even re-consider it. Hence, budgets are shifting away from human resources, putting a larger emphasis on using marketing technology to improve operational efficiency. As more companies choose for leaner, more agile structures, marketing leaders will turn to technology not only for automation and workflow optimization, but also to foster cross-departmental communication. Leaders will begin to turn towards technology to help them manage marketing operations and activities more efficiently, especially as work from home or virtual operations become more common.

To help businesses select the best-of-breed MarTech solutions, our distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, analysts and the MarTech Outlook APAC’s editorial board has reviewed and selected the Top 10 MarTech Solution Providers in the martech industry. In our selection process, we have evaluated a vendor’s competency to provide efficient as well cost-effective MarTech solutions and services.

Here, we present you MarTech Outlook APAC’s “Top 20 MarTech Companies in APAC-2021”

    Top MarTech Companies in APAC

  • Ahrefs offers innovative SEO marketing and analytics tools, enabling worthy content creators to monitor and increase the organic reach of their brand. The company’s freemium entry-level product, Ahrefs Webmaster tools empowers content creators with SEO knowledge, enabling them to perform an SEO audit of their website and ensure that the website follows all the best practices recommended by Google for improved traffic. Once the website continues to scale using the Webmasters tools, Ahrefs offers them its advanced platform that features sophisticated tools and strategies, allowing content creators to take their websites to greater heights.


  • Headquartered in Singapore, FreakOut’s global advertising business has 11 offices across 9 countries which include China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Each office is committed to service the digital marketing needs of both advertisers and publishers, based on its unique and edgy core values, "Surf the Technology, Just Dive In, Get on the Stage, Dream Team, and Freak’em Out.”


  • Apex Pacific

    Apex Pacific

    Apex Pacific is a world leader in internet marketing software(SEO Software and Google Adwords software), search engine optimization service, and web promotion solutions to help grow your business on the internet. They provide award-winning Pay Per Click Google Adwords management software, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software, Email marketing tools as well as our trusted internet marketing service and training. Apex Pacific was established in 1998 and has long provided businesses with the expertise and tools that give them the edge in internet marketing.

  • Bigin


    Bigin is a marketing automation solution that is optimized for eCommerce. They help you increase your conversion rates using data-based CRM marketing, and bring data analysis, sorting, and marketing activities in an all-in-one platform. Bigin automatically enables high-quality data analysis, irrespective of the individual’s data analysis capabilities and working environments. Raise data analytics capabilities and save time with Bigin. ‘Bigin’ solution not only helps your company grow by providing digital marketing consulting and solutions but also provides the infrastructure to allow marketers to mainly focus on the creativity part.

  • Flaunter


    Flaunter is a SaaS-enabled marketplace transforming the marketing and PR industry. It’s where brands and media come together to create, connect, and collaborate. They offer a streamlined platform for brands to upload and organise their high resolution, media-ready content (photos, videos, documents and more!) and an easy-to-access system for media to follow, find, and download it. Additionally, they also offer an image-based sample tracking solution for brands and PR agencies who need to keep samples in order and accounted for. Flaunter for Brands - Make it easy for media to talk about your brand more often.

  • Geniee International Group

    Geniee International Group

    Geniee provides a marketplace that will improve sales capabilities and offer scalabilities. Geniee uses adserve by GenieeSSP for App and Geniee App DMP to maximize the revenue of developers of ad-based apps and apps that place ads on ad networks. GenieeDMP allows you to integrate and manage membership data and web viewing history, and use them in a wide range of marketing activities, such as ad delivery, emails, and LPO. Geniee Trading Desk provides an integrated operation service for display ads that specializes in programmatic buying.

  • GigTV


    GigTV brings a fresh approach to a basic instinct – the need to learn, share and thrive. They focus on broadcasting events online that will enrich your life, either professionally or personally. Their audience is typically hard-working, intelligent and climate-friendly. They believe to change the world they need to be the change they want to see in the world. So they like working with people that want to make a difference. The company has worked on hundreds of events over the last 12 years.

  • GrowthOps


    GrowthOps is a new generation of thinkers and doers, dedicated to finding new ways to help clients grow. They added a digital marketing and technology provider, Asia Pacific Digital, with a strong presence in Southeast Asia. The creative and entrepreneurial DNA brought to GrowthOps by their founders continues today. They have expanded their offering for the clients, geography, and opportunities for the people. They exist to drive competitive advantage for our clients every day. They are creating a new category that fuses marketing, technology and people disciplines to help large organisations acquire and retain new customers, build and launch transformational products, and scale up operations.

  • iClick


    iClick burst onto the scene in 2001 when it first introduced the branded USB drive to the promotional products industry. Since then, iClick has not only redefined the service model, it has perfected it. Their thousands of loyal clients have attested to the company efforts through numerous awards including the Counselor Distributor Choice award for USBs eight years in a row. As a standard practice, iClick offers 30-minute quote turnarounds, one-hour mock-ups, and free shipping on everything - something that is unheard of in our industry.



    m-FINANCE is a pure technology and service provider specializing in complete forex/bullion solutions. Their clientele covers small-to-medium size brokerage houses, leading brokers as well as investment banks. They always strive to provide the best-in-class technology for our clients and help them stay ahead from their competitors. m-FINANCE understands the importance of safety and flexibility of trading system to brokers, so they have put numerous resources to research on safety solutions to maintain system security and set flexible solution to create 'Care-Free Trading' experience for brokers.

  • Moving Walls

    Moving Walls

    Moving Walls is a media technology company with offices on four continents and in seven countries. It analyses over 10 billion data points and monitors over 100,000 media sites around the world. This enables Planning, Buying, Verification, and Content Delivery capabilities for location-based media such as billboards, digital signs, and transit media by measuring physical locations and people movement. APAC CIO Outlook in 2017 named them as one of the "10 Most Promising Digital Technology Solutions Providers" Moving Walls was also named to the Tie50 list of the world's 50 most entrepreneurial businesses. Unilever recently recognised us as one of the region's most creative businesses.

  • Sparkline


    Sparkline, which was founded in 2013, assists Fortune 500 firms establish a practical, strategic, and scalable digital analytics strategy. They focus enterprises on digital maturity, capability building, and data governance through a variety of bespoke consulting, education, and in-house technology solutions. They have helped businesses and individuals around the region harness the power of digital data to drive innovation, better online consumer experiences, and ultimately increase profitability. Sparkline’s analytics professionals are extremely skilled in all of their partner technologies, allowing the client with unrivalled knowledge in data architecture, implementation, integration, strategy, and analysis.

  • Taximail


    The primary goal of Taximail was to develop an email marketing and automation solution that could be used by any sort of company. Email marketing has various advantages, including trackable programmes, personalisation, and improved client communication. Taximail was launched in 2012.Since then, it has been able to earn the trust of security-conscious businesses. Taximail transmitted over 10 billion emails to over 5,000 consumers in Thailand in 2021. Mr. Phaiboon Trikanjananun, the founder of Taximail, is a digital entrepreneur who started a web development firm. His encounters with clients laid the basis for the creation of Taximail, a digital marketing platform.

  • TechBase Solution

    TechBase Solution

    Established in 2006, TechBase Solution Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian MSC-certified firm that provides IT solutions with the goal of increasing customer profitability through the use of cutting-edge information technologies. Techbase Solution Sdn Bhd aspires to provide a professional application that efficiently promotes our clients' products or services to the appropriate target audience. They pay attention to clients' needs and create a unique website that complements the entire corporate image. They assess not just the application solutions' integrity, scalability, and openness, but also their ability to leverage our clients' existing IT infrastructure, lowering investment and deployment time.

  • Tellscore


    Tellscore is an influencer marketing automation platform powered by AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning), which allows brands to connect directly with micro-influencers in their professions (Health, Beauty, Travel, Tech & Gadgets, Lifestyle, etc.). They believe in generating positive word of mouth through data-driven, transparent, and measurable content. Great stories are appreciated by like-minded followers, empowering brands more effectively than traditional advertising. They implement predictive micro targeting to reach the right audience in the most efficient and cost effective way. Tellscore unlocks their customer’s storytelling potentials and also Invoke a larger group of followers in a meaningful way.



    Marketers use TRIBE's award-winning platform to get instant branded content from influential creators. It enables brands to improve their marketing efficiency with a powerful platform that can be accessible via an annual subscription or pay-per-use, while ordinary people can earn money by creating content for the brands they already use and love. Jules Lund launched TRIBE in Australia in 2015, and the company has subsequently moved to the United Kingdom and the United States. TRIBE has united 6000+ brands with 50,000+ different creators to create over 1,000,000 pieces of branded content across 10,000+ campaigns, including Unilever, Amazon, American Express, Facebook, Mars, and Diageo.

  • UXArmy


    UXArmy is a cloud-based Remote User Research platform in Asia that specialises in usability testing, user research, and automated responder recruitment. The UXArmy platform uses screen interaction videos, voice, survey questions, and intuitive and engaging graphic visualisations to collect qualitative feedback and deliver it. Their User Panel includes a significant number of Asians who are eager to provide feedback on anything online, from a preliminary design concept to a live product. This is a Singapore-based company with locations in India and Malaysia. Its mission is to assist in identifying Insights that matter to the company's growth.

  • Uzabase


    Uzabase provides an intelligence foundation that serves the demands of businesses and entrepreneurs. They analyse, organise, and create global data so that the client’s can make the best decisions possible at the appropriate time, to attaintheir full creative and innovative potential. It is a business intelligence platform that provides worldwide company data, industry studies, market statistics, M&A deals, and expert insights to financial institutions and general enterprises for business strategy formulation and market analysis. Their competitive strength comes from team's diversity. They believe their team is made of real people with ideas and strong opinions.

  • WWHat Digital

    WWHat Digital

    WWHaT Digital is one of Taiwan's top full-service digital companies, specialising in small and medium-sized businesses. Their B2B digital marketing agency focuses on the manufacturing, technology, and trading industries. Their expertise can design comprehensive marketing plans by focusing on these niches. Immediately highlight customer’s unique value propositions because the company has a thorough understanding of the products. WWHaT Digital understands their customer’s target market and segments them appropriately for various marketing efforts. Their technical expertise also enables to create attractive and convincing copy that entices visitors to stay. The company has a set of professional, experienced, and results-oriented digital marketing firm that serves small to medium businesses in Asia Pacific.

  • Yoyi Digital

    Yoyi Digital

    Yoyi Digital is a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI)-powered marketing solutions. It is recognised internationally as a platform with constant innovation and consistent marketing success. Founded in 2007, Yoyi has created a leading team with expertise in data science and machine learning technologies, and has been given a large number of related patents in data management, audience insight, and cross-screen distribution after more than a decade of research and development. YOYI prides itself on assisting brands in meeting their multi-screen, multi-function, multi-audience needs, and is a leader in the Chinese Martech market.